A stylist in Sparco

28 01 2011 posted by: Federico Fattori

Meet Francesca, our stylist!
What’s a stylist doing at Sparco? Transforming the suits into portraits of the driver who wear them (for safety and comfort).

I met up with her and she told me a couple of things about her job. Here’s what struck me most about it:
- There are two options: either the customer sends a drawing that Francesca perfects, adapting it to the special Sparco look, or she draws up a few ideas for the customer, giving them a series of choices.
- The most creative ideas come from Sparco USA
From what it seems the Americans are the ones with the most audacious ideas, and send in the weirdest sketches. But even a classic design has its finer points.
- You can do practically anything, there aren’t any particular technical limitations.
 After she’s checked the feasibility of the requests she gets, Francesca sends the drawing into production along with a technical data sheet.
 In some cases, customers ask for some really elaborate stuff, and so the work gets more expensive. But the satisfaction of having a custom made suit to admire yourself in is worth the extra cost.
- Francesca has a real passion for fashion. She went to a fashion school and then specialised in Fashion and Costume Design at the European Institute of Design. She really loves her job and Sparco welcomed her in with open arms.