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In 1977, two young drivers had a dream of creating a safer, more stylish world of motorsports and founded Sparco.
41 years later and that dream is a consolidated reality.
This is our history.

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Sparco Icons

Sparco products have always had the power to revolutionise the world of motorsports
and have become a fixed reference point for the industry.
Here are Sparco's greatest innovations in recent years.

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Superlight Suit RS-9
Sparco Icons

Superlight Suit RS-9

We were the main protagonist of the 2010 F1 season, with the introduction of a new fireproof suit: the project name from which it born, was: “Lightness concept”, designed for maximum protection and to reduce the equipment weight for pilots such as Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

The starting concept was the weight reduction, as the basic design element for every racing car: in F1, the smallest difference can mean significant savings in lap times.

F1 teams invest huge amounts in attempt to decrease the weight of their racing cars.

In October 2009 Sparco decide to give them a hand.

Our previous suits had weighed 1400 grams, but our main goal was to supply a new generation of product. Our technicians worked on a mix of different materials combining them together, to obtain an extraordinary level of weight reduction: the suits weighed 800/900 g. (230 gr/sm) depending on the pilot’s size. We had obtained a product as safe as the previous generation, but with 40% less weight.

To succeed in this venture we worked on all the parameters of the design. Starting from the previous generation, we removed superfluous cuts and overlapping textiles that they would have weighed down the suit. Then we further lightened the suit, using a new technology: we added the sponsors logos via printing-technology, eliminating the embroidery.

ADV-SC Supercarbon Seats
Sparco Icons

ADV-SC Supercarbon Seats

We have a unique goal with the FIA institute: pilot’s safety. Thanks to the close collaboration with this institute, the technological safest seat in the racing world was born, the ADV-SC Supercarbon.

In 2009, we presented the first version of the seat, named ADV-SC, which was immediately renamed “Supercarbon”, in reference to the innovative types of carbon and rolling methods used.

The ADV-SC is the first seat with four mounting points to the chassis to have successfully passed the stringent tests on racing seats imposed by the FIA standard 8862-2009.

In order to pass the previous 8862 regulation test, a fixed seat, bolted to the roll bar, was required. The biggest advance of the ADVC-SC is that it offers pilots the possibility to adjust their position even during the race.

Let us take for example the rally world. Lateral, frontal and angular impacts are a real risk, endangering pilots and navigators during every event. The regulation 8862 tests, developed by FIA institute in collaboration with Sparco, simulates the stress applied to the seat in event of multiple collisions.

Specifically, tests are conducted as follows: three independent pistons apply loads to the back and sides of the seat. Every piston simulates the forces that the driver’s body-parts cause in the contact points with the seat (head, shoulder and pelvis in the lateral test, head, back and pelvis in the rear test). The Tests provide the simultaneous application of loads greater than 3000 kg. To give you an idea, it is as if two cars crush the seat at the same time from opposite directions.

The obtained performance is impressive: you can simulate deceleration of about 70G (about 700 m / s ²), almost triple compared to those obtained in the dynamic tests laid down by the FIA 8855-1999 standard, the one currently in force on the racing seats.

The 2010 version of ADV-SC Supercarbon is still more efficient, thanks to the introduction of three new characteristics:

1) Two sizes are available;

2) Even lighter weight, thanks to the FEM optimization of the carbon texture;

3) The seat cushion is manufactured in two thicknesses, an innovation that allows protecting and accommodating pilots of different weight and stature (by virtue of the four available combinations).

Be Sparco, Be Original
Sparco Icons

Be Sparco, Be Original

Sparco is true passion.

In research, in innovation, expressing the absolute quality of our products.

A passion which is born from the specific “authenticity” of every product, without hype or compromises.

Today Sparco wants defend your passion through the excellence: for this reason in 2011, we created the “Be Sparco/Be Original” Authenticity label, to distinguish our products and clearly identify all the product-lines.

Looking good, the Authenticity label is the easy way to understand what we mean by originality: the fingerprint icon, an unmistakable perfection sign, the barcode reference, as an index of uniqueness.

When you verify the official Sparco label with this signature, it means that you are buying an “original” that leaves no doubts about its technical performance.

H-9 Tide Glove
Sparco Icons

H-9 Tide Glove

One of every pilot’s primary objectives is to decrease those annoying vibrations on the steering wheel, and increasing the grip. “Sometimes it seems that I am in a Spin-Dryer!” was the comment of one of our drivers.

We have deeply analysed the problem and determined several solutions, to be able to "alleviate" this problem and we finally found the solution: HTX resin.

HTX is a naturally fireproof resin with high grip, exclusively used in Sparco gloves. The material, hot injected in the racing glove fibers, is abrasion and tear resistant. The surface micro fissures ensure an incomparable grip and always allow a perfect union between the pilot and the steering wheel.

The HTX processing technique allows the creation of a volcano shape and was studied for years by the R&D office as shock-absorber system. The micro-volcano’s conical cup shape assists deformation that progressively decreases, creating a cushioning effect to protect the hands of the pilot.

The arrangement is ergonomic and does not interfere with the natural hand bending and grip. The micro volcano’s size varies, depending on the position: bigger and higher in the center where contact pressure is highest and reducing towards the outer regions. External seams are used at the bottom of the glove where the glove remains compressed between the hand and the steering wheel and any internal seams can be annoying.

Internal seams are used at the top joins to allow the glove a better fit and grip around the fingers.

Superleggera Shoe SL-9Z
Sparco Icons

Superleggera Shoe SL-9Z

After creating, in 2010, the lightest suit in the world, our partners asked us a further R&D effort:

“How to lighten the racing shoe without losing its comfort? How create a breathable shoe that fits like a glove to any type of foot?”

In November 2011, our R&D department gave an answer about these questions, presenting the lightest racing shoe in the word: “Superleggera SL-9Z”. This comfort miracle, result of an intensive study of fireproof material, shows a fundamental characteristic: a total weight of almost half than any other racing shoe in the word.

Excellent textiles, super thin but super stiff sole, with all design details examined and refined: top drivers fell in love at once. No other fireproof product manufacturer had previously achieved this target: once again, Sparco made inroads directly to the pilot’s heart with an innovative product as never seen before.

Extrema RS-10
Sparco Icons

Extrema RS-10

More lightweight, more breathable, more comfortable, more fire-resistant.

Revolutionizing the world of racing suit.

EXTREMA RS-10, the first racing suit in the world made from Hocotex®. The new suit weight EXTREMA RS-10 (standard model) is 700 grams instead of 800 of the Superleggera suit (standard model) - already sector leader. It offers a further weight-saving of over 10%!

The EXTREMA RS-10 breathability, is three-times superior than a suit made with traditional technology, thanks to the new material.

Comfort as never experienced before: this exclusive ultra-thin textile (0.6 mm compared to 1.6 mm of standard suits) allows the EXTREMA RS-10 to guarantee to the pilot even more ease of movement in the driving position.

The elimination of quilting further improved the fire protection and is made possible by the new monolayer material and the insertion of over 60.000 microcells, which offer greater protection for all points of the driver’s body driver.

Colors and design: EXTREMA RS-10 is 100% printable with more vivid colours than those previously used, giving more visibility to the sponsor trademarks and opening the door for a new way to communicate, all obtained by a three step serigraphy process, that makes colours more vivid without affecting the breathability or the suit’s safety.


We aim to consistently offer products of superior quality without
neglecting the classic elegance expected of an Italian brand.
Sparco has expertly combined safety, technology and style in a unique product.

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Engineering and design

Engineering and design

Sparco design and engineer some of the most advanced Sport Seats in the world. The superiority of Sparco seats comes from the shells that are designed, engineered and developed with performance in mind. Our seat shells are designed using Catia 5 CAD software.

Then the project is verified using the most sophisticated FEM & FEA structural analysis methods. Sparco know how to design the best seat shell whether it is a structural carbon, carbonio forgiato (a fibra corta) or a composite one. But also, the trimming is important in a sport seat.

Supercar drivers want seats that allow them to “feel” the performance of their car, the handling and the behavior of the car while racing or fast driving. Therefore our seat are designed like customized suits that fit each driver at best.

But the demanding Supercar customers also want the best possible comfort, for long distance, and for as smooth as possible driving experience. This why ergonomic studies are so important for Sparco seat engineers.

A good trim and foam design is as good for high-speed performances much a light and rigid shell. Together they form the winning combination of a Sparco sport seat for Supercars.



Sparco started manufacturing Sport Seats in OEM in 1998 on Lamborghini Diablo.

Sparco studied, designed and developed the first adjustable sport seat in Carbon Fiber for Supercars certified to pass the homologation, safety & durability tests of the most demanding car makers.

Since those days Sparco supplied sport seats to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, McLaren Cars, AMG Mercedes Benz, Lotus Cars, Koeniggsegg, Maserati, Ford GT, Mini John Cooper Works and many more sport and supercar makers.

Sparco seats for Supercars have the same DNA, the same engineering and design power (capability?) of the Sparco racing seats. They are light, thin yet safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, Sparco Sport Seats for Supercars are in many case luxurious, trimmed in sporty Alcantara or in the most exclusive and expensive leathers.

Since 2009, Sparco offers Sport seats for Supercars with Side Bag, up to 12 way Power assisted adjustments, Heating and Cooling systems and comfort features like Lumbar Adjusters.

And, as the technological innovation never stop, Sparco has gained the leadership by being the first to offer “Forged Carbon technology “for the most complex yet lightest sport seats.



The Quality on Sparco sport seats is not only the “cherry on the cake” of the production process but it is a mentality that start from the design of the seat and goes all through the various manufacturing processes till to the end of the production line checks.

Seats and carbon parts are designed according to DFME A and PFME A methodology that allow detecting potential mistakes in design and processing BE FORE they happen.

Then they are tested according PPAP or EM PB methods, the most demanding testing methods used by German or world-class car industry.

All in all, Sparco apply the ISO TS 16949 Quality System in all the part of the seat design development and manufacturing.

On top of this method, each of the supercar makers has its own requirements that our quality team implement and match.

Only the best for the most sophisticated cars of the planet

Carbon technology

Carbon technology

Carbon Fiber is the most advanced material used in the automotive industry.

Incredibly Light and Strong, Carbon Fiber was created as an aerospace and military material and introduced in F.1 by Lotus “genial” founder Colin Chapman in 1981 on the Lotus 88 F.1 car .

Sparco started using carbon fiber for its racing seats in 1984 and since then never stopped designing the most technically advanced racing seats.

In 1999, Sparco created a dedicated carbon fiber and sport seat division devoted to serving Supercar and Aerospace Industry.

Today 7 autoclaves and over 150 staff are working to create part for supercars like Bugatti Veyron and Supersport, Ferrari Enzo, Aston Martin Zagato and One77 as well as parts for superjets like Airbus 380 or super helicopters from Augusta Westland.

Not to mention F.1 components for Toro Rosso F.1 racing cars

Carbon Fiber is not an easy material to deal with. Carbon has a complicated non-linear stress behavior and require a sophisticated design and engineering approach to generate the light and strong parts used in extreme applications like racing cars, supercars and planes.

Our Partners

Sparco, a leading Motorsport Company on roads and tracks,
maintains and respects our values with special collections produced
under license by prestigious international partners.

Citroen Racing
Renault Sport
Aston Martin
Team Prema
Safety Park
MotorMedia TV
Good Performance
you Rally
Classic Team
AS Roma
Pallacanestro Biella
Frosinone Calcio
FC Lugano
Torino F.C.
Alessandria Calcio
Venezia F.C.
Vicenza Calcio
Agilvolley Novara
Emma Villas
Blue Volley Verona
Hellas Verona
Partizan F.C.


Sparco is a leading Global Supplier on race-tracks, roads and trails
around the world and distributes its values ​​through special
collections produced under license by prestigious international partners:

Sparco Corsa


A Car-Accessory collection
with a unique style
for use on-the-road.

Sparco Fashion

By Brandsdistribution

Shoes and fashion clothing
collection with a unique style,

Sparco Wheels


High quality alloy
wheels collection,

Sparco Office


Office chairs collection with
a Racing style, comfortable
and safe.